About the Jalal Alamgir Memorial Fund
As a tribute to Jalal's exceptional dedication to students and learning, the University of Massachusetts Boston established the Jalal Alamgir Memorial Fund in 2012.

Thanks to the love and support of participants, the Walk for Jalal raised $43,250 in 2012 and $13,200 in 2013 to support the Memorial Fund.

​On May 28th 2013, the first annual Memorial scholarship was presented to Ms. Unsa Khan. She is a junior at University of Massachusetts Boston, studying political science and international relations. As a Pakistani native, Ms. Khan has had the chance to witness the struggle of illiteracy in rural areas of Pakistan, which mainly affects women and children. Her growing interest to help those deprived of an education and healthcare has become her priority and a career she plans to pursue after graduating. 

On February 10th 2014, the lectureship series was inaugurated by the University. The speaker, 
Dr. Nazli Kibria, spoke on the Politics of Global Labor Migration in Bangladesh. Dr. Kibria is a Professor and Chair of Sociology at Boston university and has published extensively on migration and development issues. Recent books include Muslims in Motion: Islam and National Identity in the Bangladeshi Diaspora and Race and Immigration (with Cara Bowman and Megan O’Leary).

As the Fund continues to grow, it will support scholarships and lectureships that reflect Jalal’s teaching and research on issues of democratization, social justice and human rights. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at walkforjalal@gmail.com